Lebanese army says two soldiers killed by ‘terrorists’

Lebanese army says two soldiers killed by ‘terrorists’
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27 September, 2020
The Lebanese army has announced that ‘terrorists’ have killed two soldiers in the north of the country, after a previous incident which saw four soldiers and three civilians killed.
Lebanese soldiers have been looking for suspected militants in the north of the country [Getty]

Two Lebanese soldiers were killed by "terrorists" overnight in the north of the country, the Lebanese army said on Sunday.

"Terrorists in a car opened fire on the guards of an army post in the locality of Arman-Minyeh... Two soldiers were killed, in addition to one terrorist," the army said in a statement.

"The other terrorists fled," the statement said, adding the army had launched an operation to track them down.

The incident comes amid an ongoing operation to locate a cell involved in the recent killing of four soldiers and three other people.

The Lebanese army said on Friday that it had detained a suspect in the killing of the four soldiers in the Hilane-Zgharta area east of the northern port city of Tripoli.

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