Zainab al-Kulak, a Palestinian survivor of an Israeli massacre in Gaza in which 22 members of her family were killed, presented her paintings to the public on Tuesday.
Mevlut Cavusoglu's visit to Israel - the first by a senior Turkish official in more than a decade - comes amid a diplomatic push by Israel and Turkey to normalise ties.
Palestinian teachers Getty
Although many teachers returned to work, the strike officially continues until an agreement is officially signed, according to organizers.
Iraqi security forces
ISIS militants are using weather conditions and sandstorms to step up attacks on Iraqi civilians and security forces.  
turkey syria fighters
The US raised concern over Turkey's plans to launch new military operations in northern Syria
The Lebanese government slammed the Association of Banks' rejection of a financial recovery plan
The US has issued an advisory warning national companies of growing reputational risks of doing business with state-owned enterprises and military-controlled firms in Sudan
Sanaa Airport
Egypt has approved direct flights between Yemen's Sanaa and Cairo
Libya migrants [AFP]
Four migrants were found dead and three were missing after their boat capsized off the Libyan coast
Syria Damascus
At least three people have committed suicide over the past three days in northern Syria, as suicide rates across the region increase amid mounting financial, psychological and displacement related stresses.