Moroccan football violence leaves two dead

Moroccan football violence leaves two dead
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20 March, 2016
Fighting between Raja Casablanca and Chabab Rif al-Hoceima fans has killed two people and left dozens injured as the football association takes measures to prevent further violence.
Violence led to dozens of youth being injured from missiles and attacks [AFP]

Violent clashes at a Moroccan football game on Saturday night left at least two people dead.

Fighting between rival fans took place at the Mohammed V football stadium in the coastal city of Casablanca, leaving a further 49 people injured.

Trouble erupted during the game when Raja Casablanca beat Chabab Rif al-Hoceima 2-1 with rival fans charging at each other and flares being thrown into the melee.

Parts of the stadium were ripped up and used as missiles, while fans tried to escape the fighting by seeking refuge in the players' tunnel.

There has been no explanation for what sparked the fighting between the two rival sets of fans, but hooliganism has been common in Moroccan football games.

Police said around 30 people have been arrested in connection with the riot.

Raja Casablanca, who are second in the league, have also been sanctioned by the Moroccan football association for their fans' role in the troubles. 

The team must play its next five games to an empty stadium and pay a fine of $10,400.

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