Oman bans tribal gatherings and warns against celebratory gunfire

Oman bans unauthorised tribal gatherings and warns against celebratory gunfire
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10 May, 2018
Oman has issued a statement banning tribal gatherings in the sultanate, saying they threaten the stability of the country.
Unauthorised Oman tribal gatherings have been banned [file photo-AFP]


Oman has banned unauthorised tribal gatherings in the country, after a number of clan meetings were organised on social media, a statement from the public prosecution read.

Public prosecution warned it will take action against individuals who organise, promote or assist in tribal meetings via social media.

"The Public Prosecution… [will] take all relevant legal measures against all those who call for, promote, incite or assist in tribal gatherings through whatever means of social media or any means beyond the law," the statement read.

It follows reports of individuals using social media platforms to organise unauthorised tribal meetings.

Like many countries in the Gulf, tribal affiliations are strong in Oman, which sometimes cross into ethnic or sectarian lines.

Under Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Oman has worked hard to unify the country with a common sense of identity, following centuries of bitter divisions based on clan.

In the same statement the public prosecution said it would pursue those who "undermine the security and public order or to undermine the prestige of the state and its status or to provoke a sense of hatred, disgust and division among people of the country".

Oman's public prosecution also warned against celebratory gunfire during celebrations.

"It has been noted that the firing of non-distress shots is still ongoing in some governorates of the country, whether during national, social or religious occasions," the statement read.

Many countries in the region have banned celebratory gunfire due to deaths and injuries caused by stray bullets