Palestine Protests: Live Coverage and Updates

Palestine Protests: Live Coverage and Updates from Gaza, Al-Aqsa, and Sheikh Jarrah
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12 May, 2021
As the Israeli bombardment on Gaza continues, with the current death toll at 53, The New Arab is continuing its live coverage from Gaza and the West Bank.
Gaza, the West Bank, and now historic Palestine are under siege [Getty Images]
The planned expulsion of 38 Palestinians from the historic neigbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah continues while worshippers prepare for Eid prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have killed at least 48 Palestinians, while Hamas rocket fire has killed six Israelis

Yesterday and this morning saw further Israeli bombardments of besieged Gaza.

Palestinian activists throughout Israel are resisting increased repression from both settler communities and soldiers, who have clamped down on the protests with rubber bullets, stun grenades, and batons.

Earlier this morning a "state of emergency" was declared in the city of Lodd (Al-Lydd). 

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of further punitive Israeli military action, with the police "restoring law and order with an iron fist". 

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