Saudi man arrested for walking his lion in Jeddah

Walk on the wild side: Saudi man arrested for taking his lion for a stroll
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24 September, 2019
The man was spotted walking his lion on one of the main roads in the Saudi city of Jeddah.
The lion was spotted walking on one of Jeddah's main streets [Twitter]
Saudi authorities arrested a man after he was caught taking his lion out for a stroll through the streets of Jeddah, local media reported Monday.

Local security agencies were alerted to the danger after the man was seen with the lion outside a cafe on one of Jeddah's main roads.

Upon reaching the site, police found the lion inside the Saudi national's car. 

Online newspaper Sabq, which first broke the story, reported the lion is now in the custody of the city's municipal authorities.

Its owner is being questioned by the police. 

The rearing and trading of wild animals is illegal in Saudi Arabia. 

The Saudi Wildlife Authority has warned against such acts and called on the Saudi public to report anyone keeping wild animals as pets.

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