Sheikh Jarrah activist Mohammad El-Kurd summoned by Israel

Sheikh Jarrah activists Mohammad El-Kurd and Omar Abu Sneineh summoned by Israel police
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12 August, 2021
Mohammad El-Kurd and Omar Abu Sneineh were summoned by Israeli police for attending a protest for their fellow Sheikh Jarrah activist Murad Atyeh.
The activists attended a protest over the detention of another Sheikh Jarrah resident [Getty]

Israel on Wednesday summoned two prominent Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem for questioning after taking part in a protest against the detention of another activist from the area.

Activists Mohammad El-Kurd and Omar Abu Sneineh were summoned by Israeli police after they protested outside the magistrate court in West Jerusalem demanding the release of Murad Atyeh, 26.

Atyeh has been a prominent activist in the campaign to stop Israel's forced expulsion of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah.

He was taken from his home on Monday and brought before the court on Tuesday, which remanded him for five days.

Over 500 Palestinians - comprising 28 families -  in Sheikh Jarrah are at risk of expulsion by Israeli authorities who seek to increase an illegal settlement output.

Earlier this month, Israel's Supreme Court offered the Palestinian a "compromise", allowing them to remain in their homes, for now, under a "protected residents" status.

According to the proposal the Palestinian families - who have been living in the neighbourhood since the 1950s - would not be immediately evicted from their homes, but could be in the future.

The residents would also have to pay a "rent fee" to Nahalat Shimon, a settler organisation that claims Jews held land in Sheikh Jarrah in the 19th century under Ottoman rule. Their claims have been rejected by lawyers and NGOs.

The Palestinian residents constructed the houses on land provided by the government of Jordan - which ruled Jerusalem until 1967 - and under the supervision of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, after they were uprooted from their original homes during the 1948 creation of Israel.

The threatened Sheikh Jarrah expulsions drew international condemnation and sparked global outrage.

Israeli courts have previously ruled in favour of the settlers in similar situations.