Syrian military engages 'enemy target' in Hizballah area

Syrian military engages 'enemy target' in Hizballah area
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11 August, 2018
Syrian state TV reported that anti-aircraft missiles engaged with an 'enemy target' near the Lebanese border, while not specifying who was responsible.
The Russia-backed government often accuses Israel of targeting its military positions [Getty]

Syrian regime defences engaged an "enemy target" near the border with Lebanon west of the capital overnight, reported the state agency SANA on Saturday.

"Our air defences confronted an enemy target that penetrated airspace above the area of Deir al-Ashair in the Damascus countryside," the state news agency said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said air defences reacted to "targets aiming at regime and loyalist positions in Deir al-Ashair" near the Lebanese border. The UK-based monitor did not specify who was responsible for the attack, however noted that the Lebanese Shia militant group Hizballah, was present in the area.

The Russia-backed government often accuses Israel of targeting its military positions.

Russia intervened in the conflict in 2015 and turned the tide of the war for Assad, who has received the backing of Iran and allied Shia militia from across the region.

Hizballah has also fought alongside the regime since 2011.

Israel has carried out numerous raids in recent years, targeting regime allies from Iran and Hizballah.

Last week, Syrian air defences confronted another "enemy attack" west of Damascus. Then too the Observatory said it was unable to determine who was responsible.

Last month, Syria accused Israel of bombing a military post in the northern province of Aleppo, where the Observatory reported at least nine pro-regime fighters died.

Israel has sought to remain out of direct involvement in Syria's civil war, but it admits carrying out dozens of airstrikes there to stop what it says are deliveries of advanced weaponry to its Lebanese enemy Hizballah.

It has also pledged to prevent its arch foe Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria and a series of recent strikes that have killed Iranians in Syria have been attributed to Israel

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