Turkey hosts first international China-Palestine meeting

Turkey hosts first international China-Palestine meeting
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31 October, 2021
The Asia Middle East Forum (AMEF) organised the first China-Palestine meeting in Turkey, bringing experts and academics together to discuss cultural and political ties between the two countries.
China has said it supports a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine [Getty]

Experts from around the world gathered in Istanbul on Saturday to talk about China-Palestine relations as well as China's role in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Asia Middle East Forum (AMEF) organised the first international meeting.

"The conference will invoke the historical Chinese-Palestinian relations and standing on the most important political and cultural ties,” the AMEF said. 

"We want to launch a dialogue between the elites in the Arab world and in China, and to listen directly from each other without going or relying on US and European media platforms," Mohammad Makram Balawi, president of the AMEF, said. 

At least 16 speakers, including those from China, contributed, including President of the Pakistan-China Institute, Mustafa Haider Syed, Director General of Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations, Mohsen Saleh, Researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Sun Yat- San University, Dawood Al- Malhi. 

"We call for coordinating efforts and forming alliances by Arab and Islamic institutions to ask China to put Palestine within its foreign policy priority," said Haider Syed. 

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In July, China announced it would boost efforts to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine, saying they support a two-state model and proposed that talks could be hosted in China with delegations from the two sides present.

However, Beijing's ties with Israel have strengthened over the last two decades, establishing close investment and economic relations where China has shifted to a more pragmatic stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Furthermore, Beijing has moved to participate in port, train and other construction efforts in the Jewish state as it continues to implement its Belt and Road investment and influence project.