Turkey, US hold 'constructive and positive' meeting on Kabul

Turkey, US defence chiefs hold 'constructive and positive' meeting on Kabul airport
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The Turkish and US defence ministers held a 'constructive and positive meeting' to discuss the future of Kabul airport.
The US and Turkish foreign ministers discussed Kabul airport [Getty]

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and his US counterpart Lloyd Austin on Wednesday had a "constructive and positive meeting" to discuss a plan for Turkey to operate and guard Kabul airport after the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Turkish defence ministry said.

Ankara has offered to run and guard the airport after NATO's withdrawal, and has been in talks with allies, namely the US, on financial, political and logistical support. Security of the airport is key for the operations of diplomatic missions out of Afghanistan after the withdrawal.

The Pentagon said in a statement that Austin and Akar discussed the drawdown of the US forces from Afghanistan and both "reasserted the importance of adequate security" at the airport. It said the two agreed to speak again in the near future.

The talks would continue on Thursday, the Turkish statement said.