Two more journalists silenced in Yemen's war

Two more journalists silenced in Yemen's war
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11 February, 2016
Yemeni broadcaster Munir al-Hakami along with his journalist wife Suaad Hujaira and their three children were killed by a Saudi-led coalition airstrike their home in the capital on Wednesday.
Rescuers carry a baby's body whose home was struck by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes [AFP]
Two Yemeni journalists and their children were killed on Wednesday following a Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on a residential neighbourhood in the Yemeni capital Sanaa.

The victims are the latest casualties in a war that has seen consistent violence against journalists and broadcasters by both sides of the conflict.

Two airstrikes hit a local school as well as the home of journalist Suaad Hujaira, 30, killing her, her husband, broadcaster Munir al-Hakami, 37, and their three sons, local residents said.

Hakami worked for the state-owned Yemen TV, now under the control of Houthi-rebels.

There was no clear military target in the area, residents added.

The local union of journalists called for an investigation into the deaths and an immediate stop of violence against journalists, which it described in a statement as "increasingly restricting the freedom of expression in Yemen".

Violence against journalists by all the warring parties has increased since the onset of Yemen's latest war in March 2015.

In December, pro-Houthi forces kidnapped and beat the son of a reporter who had chronicled human rights abuses by Houthi rebels.

The Press Syndicate of Yemen issued a statement holding Houthi rebels responsible for the beating, which the syndicate described as a "heinous crime."

By the end of January, a number of other journalists were seized by Houthi rebels under the accusation of supporting Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi's government and the Saudi-led coalition backing it.

Human Rights Watch has accused the rebels of detaining numerous journalists since the onset of the Yemen war.

Independent journalists have also borne the brunt.

In January, Saudi led-coalition air raids killed Almigdad Mojalli, one of the few local reporters working with international news organisations.