US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shares chilling racist death threat

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shares chilling racist death threat
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30 August, 2019
The Somali-born Congresswoman has been a constant target of Donald Trump.
Ilhan Omar has suffered repeated racist abuse [Getty]
US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has shared on social media a chilling death threat which she recently received, one of many racist threats of violence the Somali-born politician has received since being elected.

Omar, a representative for Minnesota, shared via her Twitter page the image of a death threat from a racist hater, explaining why she needs personal security.

The message, typed on a single piece of A4 paper, said Omar would be killed at the Minnesota State Fair, by a "very capable person with a very big 'Gun'".

The Democratic Congresswoman said that such threats are the reason she has a bodyguard with her despite her unease at the concept of personal security.

"I hate that we live in a world where you have to be protected from fellow humans," Omar wrote in the tweet.

"But until deranged people like this stop threatening my life and the lives of others, I have to accept the reality of having security."

The Muslim Congresswoman has suffered a barage of public attacks from President Donald Trump, including one tweet widely derided as racist when he told left-leaning Democrat politicians to "go back" to their "corrupt and inept" countries.

Although he did not mention Omar by name, most people viewed the tweet to be directed at the Somali-born Democrat, among others he has publically attacked.

Omar said that she receives more death threats when Trump publically berates her.

On Wednesday, right-wing Judge Roy Moore was also condemned for a tweet widely viewed as racist.

"President Trump was right, she should go back to Somalia from whence she came."

Omar moved to the US from Somalia aged-12 and has since established herself as one of the country's most well-known progressive politicians.