Video shows Dutch airport staff making anti-Moroccan remarks

Video shows Dutch airport workers making racist comments at Moroccan passengers
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09 July, 2021
A video has been released online showing two employees at Schiphol airport in the Netherlandsmaking racist comments about Moroccan passengers.
KLM has said that they reject the sentiments of the men in the video [Getty]

Dutch airline KLM has opened an investigation after a video surfaced showing two KLM airport employees making racist and derogatory comments about Moroccans

In the video, the employees, who reportedly work at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, can be seen dancing and cheering as a plane departs for Morocco. 

"Another full box of Moroccans is going back to Morocco!! All a one-way ticket… F*** off!!! F*** off!!!" reads the message on the video. 

The video quickly went viral online, causing outrage among both Moroccan and Dutch groups. 

KLM were quick to denounce the video and the actions of those involved. 

"We are horrified to learn of this video and KLM rejects these images and statements," said the airline in a statement.

"The video was immediately forwarded internally to the relevant department, where it is currently being investigated with high priority," they added.

Responding to questions from The New Arab, KLM said that they had determined at least one of the individuals was employed by them. 

"Regrettably, we have had to conclude that at least one Ground Services employee was involved in this video," they said in a statement to The New Arab.

"This behaviour is totally unacceptable. It is contrary to the core values we uphold as a company and as a division. There is no place for this kind of behaviour, neither at KLM nor within the broader airport community. Appropriate action will therefore be taken," they continued.  


According to Dutch media, it is not known when the footage was recorded. 

The release of the video coincides with the decision of the Dutch Supreme Court on Tuesday to uphold a conviction of far-right Dutch commentator Geert Wilders for anti-Moroccan sentiment.

During a campaign event in 2014, the populist leader referred to the Moroccan community in the Netherlands as "scum", adding that he wanted to see the Netherlands "cleanse" them from the country.

Dismissing his appeal against the conviction, the court said that the rally was not covered by freedom of expression, and that politicians must follow national laws against hate speech. 

No appeal against the supreme court's decision can be lodged and the far-right leader was given no fine or jail time.