Woman shot dead by Egyptian troops on Cairo-Alexandria road

Woman shot dead by Egyptian troops on Cairo-Alexandria road
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30 October, 2016
A young student was shot dead by the Egyptian military as she traveled on a road between Cairo and Alexandria
Azzazi was a 22-year old student [TNA]
An Egyptian woman from al-Arish in north Sinai was killed after her car came under fire by the Egyptian army on a road between Alexandria and Cairo.  

The woman's father, Hamdi Azzazi told The New Arab that his daughter, aged 22, was studying at the School of Economics and Political Science and was killed by a hail of bullets from security forces.  

The car came under fire after the driver lost his way and entered a forbidden area, with troops firing on the car. 

The Egyptian media quoted security sources said the incident was an "accident" and had nothing to do with security.

On Sunday, four Egyptian soldiers have been killed in the Sinai Peninsular, where the local branch of the Islamic State group regularly attacks security forces, the army said on Sunday.

The troops were killed during operations around El-Arish, close to the border with the Gaza Strip, army spokesman Brigadier General Mohamed Samir said on Facebook.

Six militants were killed during the same operation and others were arrested, he said.

The government says hundreds of police and soldiers have died in the attacks, which have also hit Cairo and the Nile Delta.

Egyptian military have been fighting a war against insurgents in the country, including the Sinai were clashes with Islamic State group-linked militants frequently take place.

The IS-linked militant group also said it was responsible for the bombing of a Russian plane over Sinai in October 2015 which killed all 224 people on board, most of them holidaymakers.

Meanwhile, security forces are also involved in crushing pro-democracy activists, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood and liberals.