The UK Ministry of Defence will modernise and reorganise the British army, earmarking an additional £8.6 billion for new training, equipment, and a brand-new ‘ranger regiment’ dedicated to tackling ‘extremist’ organisations and hostile state threats.
Rome said it had responded to pleas from non-profit organisations working in Afghanistan to help Sharbat Gula leave the Taliban-controlled country.
Channel crossing
Refugee activists have slammed the UK government for adopting a 'dangerous' approach to migration following Wednesday's tragedy in the English Channel, in which at least 27 people died.
The soldier was wounded during an intervention against people trying to illegally cross the border from Turkey to Syria, according to the Defence Ministry.
Mediterranean migrants [AFP]
This year alone, U.N. officials estimate that 1,600 people have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean Sea, the main gateway to Europe for migrants trying to enter the continent with the help of human smugglers
Car bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia
Eight people were killed and more wounded in a car bombing near a school in Somalia's capital
Ethiopian, Eritrean demo in London
The Ethiopian government warned the US of spreading fake news regarding its ongoing war, after Washington warned its citizens earlier to immediately leave the country
Many Migrants Drown In English Channel During Attempted Crossing [Getty]
UK urges 'coordinated' international response after migrant tragedy
Crispin Blunt was participating in a debate in Britain's House of Commons about designating Hamas as a proscribed terror group.
More than 600 people crossed the channel from France to the UK on Wednesday. Among them was an Afghan soldier and his family fleeing the Taliban after losing faith in British evacuation efforts.