The Algerians who voted for Le Pen

The Algerians who voted for Le Pen
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09 May, 2017
Algerian voter turnout for the French presidential elections was lower than for Algeria's parliamentary elections - which was hit by a popular boycott.
Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, acting natural around an Algerian French war veteran [AFP]
For many Algerians, Le Pen is seen as the daughter of her father first and foremost - the ex-lieutenant allegedly involved in an army torture centre during Algeria's war for

Yet despite this fact, official statistics show that around 3.8 percent of French Algerians voted for the far-right nationalist candidate in the country's presidential elections.

This number, although shocking, was still extremely low however - as only 24.8 percent of voters took part in the ballot.

Participation during the Algerian parliamentary elections a few days previous by comparison was only slightly higher - with 38 percent of the electorate casting their vote.

This turnout was also five percent lower than the 43 percent recorded in the 2012 Algerian elections.

President-elect Macron said France's history in Algeria was a "crime against humanity" during a visit to the country in February.

In response, Le Pen said: "Is there anything worse than going abroad to accuse the country you want to lead of crimes against humanity?"

Le Pen's party, the Front National, was previously led by her father, Jean-Marie le Pen, who was accused of war crimes during a 2002 presidential election he failed to win.