Jordan MP describes LGBTQ+ magazine as 'deviant and perverted'

Jordan MP describes LGBTQ+ magazine as 'deviant and perverted'
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02 Aug, 2017
A Jordan MP embroiled in a social media feud with an LGBTQ+ magazine, has filed an official complaint against the publication, describing it as "deviant and perverted".
A Jordan MP complained to the Media Commission about 'perverted' MyKali [Facebook/Twitter]

A Jordanian member of parliament made an official complaint over LGBTQ+ magazine My.Kali using the term "shawath" – which means perverts or deviants – to describe the online publication.

The feud between MP Dima Tahboub and My.Kali escalated after Tahboub said in an interview that gay people were not welcome in Jordan.

The magazine supporting LGBTQ+ rights in Jordan challenged the MP, who represents Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Action Front, on Twitter, resulting in a public spat.

Tahboub continued leading a war against the webzine and on Monday complained to Jordan's Media Commission over the publication.

Although the magazine was reportedly shutdown by Tahboub's efforts, the magazine pointed out that it has already been blocked for a year. 

Tahboub made her views on homosexuality clear when asked about the campaign she took part in banning Mashrou Leila, a Lebanese band with a gay frontman, from playing in Jordan for the second time in a row

On the same day, Tahboub reasserted her views by posting a tweet mocking a gay couple.

My.Kali hit back with an image of a radical feminist – before Tahboub retaliated by blocking My.Kali on Twitter.

The back-and-forth sparked rage from both sides of the argument.

"The fierce and inciteful media attacked the webzine and all what it represents, along with frightening comments on social media, which were centred around hate, death threats and physical abuse by people who could identify Khalid Abdel Hadi, editor-in-chief and the founder of My.Kali," said Jameel Jones, public relations for the magazine, in a statement to Dubai-based website StepFeed.

In an open letter to Tahboub published on Tuesday, the My.Kali team urged the MP to "respectfully consider the opinions of other Jordanians, especially when they don’t align with your own".

It added: "As we've seen before, public demonisation of the LGBTQ+ community will undermine public health and safety, encouraging physical violence against a vulnerable group of Jordanians.

"Democracy gave you the seat to fight for the things you and your constituents believe in. We only ask that you give all Jordanians the space to exercise our opinions in the same way. 

"We hope that your time in Parliament helps Jordan become a better and safer country free from extremism and intolerance."

While Jordan does not criminalise homosexuality, it does not provide protections for the LGBT community either.