Republicans back bombing of Disney's fictional city #Agrabah

Republicans back bombing of Disney's fictional city #Agrabah
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20 Dec, 2015
Blog: After American Republican voters said they would support the bombing of Agrabah, the fictional city in Disney's Aladdin, social media users reacted in the best way possible.
Social media users have been expressing solidarity with the fictional city in Aladdin [Facebook]
According to a recent survey, 30 percent of US Republicans were found to be in favour of bombing Agrabah.

But is seems they were blissfully unaware of the fact that Agrabah is the fictional city featured in Disney’s Aladdin.

So of course, many took to social media to react to the poll findings:

World support poured in
As journalists swarmed to the scene

  Which reminded us of the forgotten wars elsewhere


Many warned of an impending refugee crisis
As experts weighed in
  But Agrabah's leader is not very happy...