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Absi Smeisem

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Absi Smeisem
Absi Smeisem

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The Syrian opposition struggles to remain relevant

19 November, 2015

After the announcement in Vienna of a transitional plan for the Syrian conflict, Syrian opposition groups are scrambling to ensure they remain relevant and influential.

Russia reassessing support for Assad, considers backing his deputy

11 August, 2015

Supported by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syrian opposition, Russia is considering an alternative to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa.

Syrian opposition continue advance by taking major airport

11 June, 2015

Syrian opposition groups took al-Thula airport in Suweida on Thursday, continuing their advances in southern Syria.

SNC appeals to international community to save Syria

02 June, 2015

Head of the exiled opposition group calls on the international community to stop terrorist forces taking hold in Syria.

Syrians creating vigilante forces to defend against IS

28 May, 2015

Politics: Villagers are creating their own forces as the Syrian army suffers defeats and is unable to counter the Islamic State group, writes Absi Smeisem.

Massacre in Palmyra

26 May, 2015

Feature: When the Islamic State group captured the ancient Syrian city, they butchered the remaining soldiers. Only troops who were informed about a retreat survived, reports Absi Smeisem.

Syria: Assad family seeks international safeguards

25 May, 2015

Amid signs that the Syrian regime is disintegrating, members of the Assad family have been in contact with Western parties seeking safeguards should the regime suddenly collapse.

Syrian opposition group boycotts Cairo peace talks

20 May, 2015

Analysis: The internationally recognised Syrian National Coalition pulls out of talks, casting doubt on whether anything can be achieved.

Syrian opposition announces shared vision

11 May, 2015

Opposition plans for Syria's future include setting up safe zones and establishing a national army, reports Absi Smeisem.

Mass exodus transforms Idlib's countryside

01 May, 2015

Agricultural areas in Idlib governorate are being transformed as city dwellers move to rural areas to escape the shelling, says Absi Smeisem.

The Syrian opposition takes Idlib, but what happens next?

29 March, 2015

Syrian opposition forces have taken Idlib, making it only the second provincial capital after Raqqa to fall out of regime hands. Now, they have to run the city.

Syria rebels 'enter Idlib after storming regime lines'

25 March, 2015

Activists and rebels say Jaysh al-Fath alliance has reached city centre after overwhelming more than a dozen army checkpoints - a claim denied by the regime.

Absi Smeisem
Absi Smeisem

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