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Israel's top court says non-Orthodox Jews can claim citizenship

02 March, 2021

Israel's Supreme Court on Monday ruled that people who convert to Judaism through the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel are also Jewish and entitled to become citizens.

Remembering Palestinian poet and author, Mourid Barghouti

26 February, 2021

The world bid farewell to the celebrated poet Mourid Barghouti in February. A champion of the Palestinian cause, Palestinian authors share their memories of the great writer.

Jewish immigration to Israel slashed in 2020 over pandemic

01 February, 2021

Since its creation in 1948 in what was historic Palestine, Israel has sought to attract Jewish settlers from all around the world.

Israel injures Palestinian man during overnight attacks on Gaza

20 January, 2021

The Israeli military injured a Palestinian man in the besieged Gaza Strip when a shell hit his home in a refugee camp.

Palestinians in Jerusalem face a struggle for survival

06 January, 2021

In-depth: Settler groups are engaged in a house-by-house struggle for Jerusalem, using Israel's legal system to take over Palestinian homes.

The New Arab's Most Important Stories from 2020

31 December, 2020

A retrospective of our coverage of 2020's leading stories

Israel and UAE 'collaborating to eliminate UNRWA': report

27 December, 2020

Israel and the UAE are working on a plan to eliminate UNRWA, the troubled UN agency tasked with helping Palestinian refugees, a Le Monde report has said.

How Israel's nation-state law perpetuates racial segregation

15 December, 2020

In-depth: An Israeli court has rejected local petitions to establish an Arabic-language school in Karmiel or fund transport for Palestinian students, arguing that it would damage the city's 'Jewish character'.

BDS renews calls to boycott Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily

13 December, 2020

The Jordan and Kuwait accounts of the the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement renewed calls to boycott Nas Daily.

Israel's blockade had already crippled Gaza, then came Covid-19

05 December, 2020

Comment: Battling Covid-19 requires a health infrastructure that has been destroyed by Israel's occupation and blockade, and yet the international community stands mute, writes Majed Abusalama.

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