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Results from 121 to 130 out of 399 about "Nakba"

My Name is Adam: Tribulations of an unfinished story

03 April, 2019

Book Club: Elias Khoury's novel, My Name is Adam is replete with questions and answers regarding identity, juxtaposed against inscribed recollections of the ethnic cleansing of Lydda.

Remembering the Great Return March protesters killed by Israel

29 March, 2019

March 30 the first anniversary of Gaza's Great Return Marches. Here are the names of the 251 protesters killed by Israel while demanding the right of return.

UN condemns Israel over 'serious violations' against Gaza protesters

19 March, 2019

The United Nations has urged the international community to get involved to prevent Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians as the first anniversary for Great Return March protests near.

One Palestinian killed, scores injured by Israeli fire

08 March, 2019

One Palestinian has been killed and 41 injured by Israeli sniper fire on Friday, as part of the 50th week of the 'Great Return March' protests.

Corbyn calls for Israel arms embargo following Gaza crimes

03 March, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has called on the UK to suspend all arms sales to Israel and to criticise the Tel Aviv government for its actions in Gaza.

Israel committing crimes against humanity in Gaza: UN

28 February, 2019

The UN has slammed Israel's reaction to the mostly nonviolent Great Return March protests in Gaza, saying the army is responsible for crimes against humanity in the besieged enclave.

Israeli elections for Palestinians: Between terrorists and violent 'centrists'

22 February, 2019

Analysis: Perceptions that the Gantz-Lapid alliance could form a 'softer' government are not based on the political and military history of the two politicians, but on Israel's normalisation of violence.

One Palestinian's vision for art in Washington

08 February, 2019

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian artist Ahmed Hmeedat who grew up in Bethlehem's Dheisheh refugee camp and is now exhibiting work at the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington.

The EU's actions towards Palestinians are undemocratic

28 January, 2019

Comment: The EU's main focus is supporting the authoritarian rule of Mahmoud Abbas, writes Ramona Wadi.

Michelle Alexander opened a door

28 January, 2019

Comment: Alexander's damning New York Times column highlights the erosion of American public support for Israel, writes James J. Zogby.

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