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A Slap in the Face explores refugee life

11 December, 2019

Book Club: A Slap in the Face describes the story of an Iraqi refugee seeking a better future while facing perpetual injustice, discrimination, and exploitation.

Heritage and the Cultural Struggle for Palestine

20 November, 2019

Book Club: By looking at intertwining complexities of politics, heritage, culture and state formation, Chiara de Cesari's academic study demonstrates how colonial dispossession can be opposed.

Deadly gun violence epidemic plagues Palestinian communities in Israel

18 October, 2019

Palestinians say the violence reflects decades of institutional discrimination and social exclusion, with deliberate police neglect and political indifference allowing the killings to continue.

Is Netflix taking part in Israel's propaganda campaign?

04 October, 2019

Digital media platforms are serving Israeli propaganda while turning a blind eye to the sacrifices and endless suffering of Palestinians who strive to be a free nation, writes Yousef Alhelou.

Arabicity: Contemporary Arab Art

18 September, 2019

Book Club: The artworks featured in this book are bound by common themes, from Palestinian dispossession by Zionist colonisation, to the war in Iraq and repercussions of the Arab Spring.

#GreatReturnMarch: Two Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in Gaza

06 September, 2019

Israel has killed two Palestinians in this week's Great Return March protests.

How an insidious Israel plans to 'facilitate Palestinian emigration'

02 September, 2019

Comment: Netanyahu is inventing ever-more disturbing ways to try and normalise Palestinian displacement, writes Ramona Wadi.

Palestine +100: Stories from a century after the Nakba

21 August, 2019

Book Club: The stories in this collection are set in 2048 and offer an imaginary glimpse into what Palestine might be.

Feminist icon slams 'bully' Netanyahu for barring US congresswomen

18 August, 2019

Gloria Steinem said Netanyahu's decision to bar a visit by two Democratic congresswomen was 'a welcome sign that I never have to enter any country or place under your authority'.

Why is #MyPalestinianSitty trending?

18 August, 2019

Palestinians across the globe are sharing their grandmothers' stories in solidarity with Rashida Tlaib, who said she cannot visit her 90-year-old grandmother under Israel's 'oppressive conditions'.

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