Jordan announces littering fines of up to $1,400

Jordan announces littering fines of up to $1,400, four times minimum wage
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29 July, 2021
Jordan's environment ministry announced fines of up to 1,000 dinars for littering.
Paying the fine may be unattainable for many [Getty]

Jordan announced new littering fines that will go up to 1,000 dinars ($1,400) - four times the monthly minimum wage.

The environment ministry said on Wednesday that the move is part of a new national campaign for public hygiene that was launched on Tuesday.

The fines will range from 50 Jordanian dinars ($71) to 1,000 dinars ($1,400), or up to a week of imprisonment.

A first-time offender will be fined between 50 dinars and 500 dinars ($705) for tipping, including dirty water, liquid waste, destroyed machinery, timber, tree trimmings, weeds, dirt, silt or construction waste in ways that could harm public health.

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If the fine is not paid within a week, the recipient of the fine will face up to a month behind bars or a fine between 100 dinars ($141) and 1,000 dinars.

Littering in nature reserves and national parks risks further penalties.

Penalties will be doubled if the actions are repeated.

Analysts say paying the fines may be unattainable for many Jordanian residents with the minimum wage  at 260 dinars ($367) per month.